Thursday, September 1, 2016

About this blog

My name is Shahin Kamali. I am a postdoctoral associate in MIT CSAIL. I work in Supertech group under the advice of Prof. Charles E. Leiserson.
I was born and raised in Arak, Iran. My mother tongue is Persian. I did my B.Sc. in University of Tehran, Iran, and then migrated to Canada and did my M.Sc. and Ph.D in Concordia University and University of Waterloo, respectively.  My field of study and research is computer science.
I joined MIT in September 2015. I look forward to joining University of Manitoba as a faculty member in Summer 2017.

In the years that I have been in academia, I have given many research talks and taught a few undergraduate courses. Nevertheless, I have had some issues communicating with my audience. To address these issues, Dr. Leiserson kindly suggested and financed private classes for me with Dana J. Bein. Dana is a stand-up comedian who is very experienced in teaching communication skills in different levels. Since the problems that I am facing are common with people in academia (issues with body movements, monotonicity, etc.), I am publishing what I learn from these classes in this weblog. This is meant to serve as a reference for me and hopefully others can also find it useful.  

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