Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sliceform Studio

I am sitting in the Eric Demaine's class on Geometric Folding. This course is not a typical Computer Science course that I enjoy. However, occasionally, it involves cool, interesting topics and tools.
Last week, I learned about Sliceform Studio, developed by former MIT student  Yongquan ‘YQ’ Lu under the guidance of Eric.

The idea is to use geometry to understand/reproduce the beautiful designs often found in Islamic (particularly Iranian) tiles and fabrics. I enjoyed a lot playing with this tool. The code is open source and one can play with it.
I discussed with Eric the idea of making a font with this tool. I believe one can make a beautiful font with an oriental look with Sliceform Studio. More details about the tool can be found in its website.
An example of the design that it generates is followed.

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